My experiences with roulette

Roulette is probably one of the most iconic games in the casino world. It’s an old games that has been around for over a hundred years, and the game is often featured in movies, books and popular culture. In the beginning of my casino career I didn’t really play it at all – I would mostly play blackjack when I first started casino gaming. But it was after I received an update from a website called, that had a lot of good info about casino gaming that I decided to start playing. had several casinos listed on their website that offered some really good bonuses for roulette players, so I decided to sign up to a new casino in order to try the game out.

Like I normally do, I made sure that I signed up to a website that would let me try the game out for free, using play money rather than real money  – This way I wouldn’t have to risk losing a lot of money as I was still learning the game. The game isn’t really complicated at all. Roulette consists of a spinning wheel that is divided into 37 slots. 17 of these slots are red in color, 17 are black and one is green. They are all numbered from 1-36, and the green slot is marked with a 0. You also have a betting board that has several options of what types of bet you can place. You can place your bet on a color, red or black, or you can choose to bet on a particular number. Since there’s obviously a bigger chance that you will win when you bet on a color, the payout is smaller for a color bet than it is for a number bet. A color bet pays 2:1 whereas a numbered bet pays 36:1. If the ball ends up in the green slot you automatically loose – this is what gives the casino the upper hand in this game.

If you would like to start playing roulette, I would recommend that you check out the Roulette guide on They have some very informative articles on the subject, and really goes into depth on how the game works and how to play smart. A good strategy that you can try out is the Martingale system, which is also described in detail on the site I mentioned above. The martingale system works like this: The player starts off by betting for example €1 on black or red. If he wins, he continues to bet €1 in the next round. When he loses, he will then double his bet in the second round, and bet €2. He then continues to double his bet every round he loses. So let us for example say that he loses two more rounds. He would then bet €4 in the third round, and €8 in the fourth round. When he then finally wins, he will get all the money he lost back, along with an extra €1!

The martingale system is a good beginners system, and at first glance it might look bulletproof. However, it can be risky if you get on a losing streak, as the bets will soon become very big if you lose several rounds in a row, and all for a relatively small payoff. In ten rounds, if your original bet is €10, you bet will then be (1,2,4,8,16,32,64,128,256) €512, and all you will get when you win is an extra €1.